How are Nibav Compact Home Lifts Suitable for Mexican Homes?

Nibav Home Elevators are best for compact homes

A few decades ago, homes with elevators inside them sounded like a utopian idea. However, now it is becoming a very common notion. In several parts of the world including Mexico — homes with single floors and more have home elevators installed in them. Compact Home Lift installation has become more of a necessity than a style statement. While home elevators can provide homes with a chic appearance they majorly act as a mobility aid for those who lack it.

Why do you need a Compact Home Lift in your home?

Most independent homes today often have senior residents living in them. While they might have domestic help to supervise and assist them with stair climbing, it can be rather difficult for them to actually climb the stairs without hurting themselves. This is where home elevators play a major role — for elderly people, elevators can offer the luxury of independence. Apart from this, elevators can come in handy when you have to go up and down the stairs every time you need something or when you have to carry heavy items regularly up or down the stairs.

Those of you who want to give your home a little more elegance or worth can also decide to install an elevator because it gives the building a more upscale appearance.

Compact Home Elevators for Compact Homes

Now that we have established that elevators are a necessary requirement for your home, it is time for you to decide on the right home lift. However, there are several alternatives available when you choose to install an elevator in your building. There are several different types of elevators that provide you with a variety of functions. Nibav Vacuum lifts, however, are the best type of home lift there is.

The compact home lift size is one of the primary reasons for considering one for your home. Big or small your home would still be able to accommodate a vacuum elevator. This elevator’s small size assures that it won’t take up much room inside your home. Furthermore, no pit, hoistway, or machine room excavation is necessary for these elevators. Therefore, vacuum elevators give you every reason to purchase one if the size is a concern for you.

Vacuum Elevator Design & Size

Our cutting-edge house elevators only require a 1010mm diameter to be installed, and there is no need for a weight-bearing wall to support our lifts. They can fit two people in the home lift and go up to four levels, including the ground.

Nibav Residential Elevator is easy to install

The installation of vacuum elevators is simpler than that of other types of elevators. These elevators can be installed in new or existing homes, and the installation process is simple because of the elevator’s compact design. Vacuum elevator installations can be completed within one or two days as they don’t need a hoistway or an excavation pit. Because of this very reason, your elevator service will also cost you very little.

What’s more? They consume very little energy

The cost of electricity is a significant problem when purchasing a home elevator. Elevators are often known for using a lot of electricity, which significantly increases your electricity bill. However, vacuum lifts, on the other hand, need only a small amount of energy because they operate with the help of air pressure. Because of the air pressure, vacuum elevators can descend without using any energy, saving you a significant amount of electricity costs. Making vacuum elevators energy-efficient.

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