Frequently Asked Questions

Does a home elevator require maintenance?

Home elevators require minimal maintenance. However, the amount and frequency of maintenance can vary depending on the type and usage of the elevator.

How much space is needed for a residential elevator?

With a space requirement of only 3 feet, the Nibav residential elevator can provide significant benefits and it is a valuable addition to any home.

Are residential lifts safe to use?

The safety concerns of modern residential lifts are seamlessly addressed through their design and construction, which adhere to standardized manufacturing practices and certifications to attest to their safety for home use.

What is the best drive system for glass elevators?

The best drive system for glass elevators depends on specific needs and preferences. Nibav Lifts are powered by Air-driven technology for smooth travel through the floors.

What is the difference between commercial and residential elevators?

The main differences between commercial and residential elevators are their size, capacity, and design. Commercial elevators are larger and built to handle heavier loads, while residential elevators are smaller and more compact to fit in homes.

Which type of elevator is best for home?

The best type of elevator would depend on your specific needs, budget, and available space. Consulting with our Nibav Experts can help you determine the ideal elevator type and specifications for your home.

Can I customize my home lift?

Yes, Nibav home lift manufacturers offer customization options to meet specific design and functionality requirements of the homeowner. This may include options for the lift cabin finishes, lighting, flooring, and other features.

How long will it take to install Home Elevators?

The installation time for home elevators depends on various factors, such as the type of elevator to be installed. NIBAV Home Lifts however require less than 24 to 36 hours for installation as they are delivered in a completely knocked-down structure and can be assembled like Lego blocks.

What safety and security features come with the home elevator?

Home elevators come with all standard safety features, such as a telephone, light, fan, child switch, emergency descent, and alarm.

Are Home Elevators energy efficient?

NIBAV Home Elevators operate on a single-phase current and use very minimal electricity during descent thus making this an energy-efficient option.

What is the cost of Home Elevator for a 2-storey Building?

To give you a basic idea a good quality elevator that is safe and elegant will start from MX 800000 for a 2-Storey building. To know the price in detail according to your requirements, do reach out to us for a free consultation.

What Is the Elevator Measure for 4 People?

At Nibav, we focus on the minute details of accessibility. We understand that in a household the dwellers have to effectively transit between floors, whether it 2 people or more. Our Series III Max with a diameter of 1160 mm can easily fit 4 people and provide the utmost comfort during their vertical transit.


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